Young Warrior's Quest

Welcome to the Young Warrior's Quest, which is the first phase of Cuystwi. Youth are invited to go on a wellness journey, where they will learn about identity, culture, the history of colonization, racism, and what it means to be a warrior. Once the youth complete the quest, they will be invited to become a young warrior.

Target Group:

Indigenous youth ages 10 - 12.

Traditional Learning Style:

Cuystwi replicates the traditional teaching relationship between Elder and youth. Cuystwi's site guide and narrator is Eagle, the voice of Stl'atl'imx Elder, Gerry Oleman.


  • Identity - Building on interconnection of family, community and the land.
  • Culture - Introduction of the concept with videos sharing cultural activities from different Nations across the province: culture is food, art, song, respecting the land, living in balance. We invite the youth groups to produce and upload their own 'culture is wellness' videos.
  • Colonization - Introduces the concept, historical context, major elements and the ongoing cumulative effects on Aboriginal people: youth become aware of how it impacts them.
  • Racism - Addresses different types of racism experienced by Aboriginal people, youth learn the rights of children, and skills and tools to deal with racism and bullying.
  • We are all Warriors - Emphasizing personal and collective strengths and values with themes of culture, interconnection, and community. This area includes inspiring video stories of youth who have overcome challenges.

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