Transformation To Young Warrior

Welcome to Transformation To Young Warrior, which is the second phase of Cuystwi. We expand on the previous modules from Phase 1 and we introduce new topics that teach youth about healthy relationships, sexual health, sexuality, self-regulating and controlling our emotions.

Target Group:

Indigenous youth ages 13 - 15.

Traditional Learning Style:

Cuystwi replicates the traditional teaching relationship between Elder and youth.  Stl'atl'imx Elder, Gerry Oleman returns as himself, and Nuu-chah-nulth Elder, Louise White, shares her wisdom and teachings.


We expand on the previous topics discussed in the Young Warrior's Quest, and introduce the topics of sexual health, healthy relationships, identity strengthening, self-regulation, and managing stress and emotions. Below is a complete list of the modules that are included in the second quest, Transformation To Young Warrior:
  1. Your Journey Begins: The World and You
  2. Who Are You
  3. How Did You Get Here?
  4. "Legend of the Sugar Girl"
  5. Sugar Girl's Identity
  6. Colonization on Trial
  7. The Indian Act and You
  8. Residential Schools
  9. What is Racism and Where Did It Come From?
  10. What Does Racism Look Like?
  11. How Can We Stop Racism: Words Into Action
  12. Exploring Cultural Identity Through Art and Artifacts
  13. Building Cultural Identity: Your Culture Quest
  14. A Delicate Balance
  15. Creating Connections: Gaining Strength
  16. When The Weight Grows Heavy: Understanding Depression
  17. Adapting and Self Regulating: Tapping Into Your Ancestor's Power
  18. Relationships
  19. Decolonizing Our Sexuality
  20. The Three D's of Dating
  21. From "I" to "We": Building Strong Relationships
  22. A Warrior Takes Shape
  23. The Warriors Around You
  24. Congratulations Young Warrior!

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