What is Cuystwi?

The Cuystwi (cwoo wheesh twee) program evolved from conversations with First Nations in northern British Columbia about their concerns regarding youth suicide. It was suggested that if youth could have a platform to explore their identities and cultures as Indigenous peoples, as well as understand colonization and how the on-going cumulative impacts affect our people and families, that they may have a stronger foundation to depend on when encountering difficult periods in their lives. The Cuystwi quests emphasize themes of identity, culture, understanding colonization, tools to deal with racism, healthy relationships, sexual health, and an invitation to become a young warrior. The quests have an on-line component meant to introduce topics to be facilitated to Indigenous youth by youth workers, health workers, and educators within existing community programming.

Cuystwi Highlight Reel

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Check out the below links to The Young Warriors Quest and The Transformation to Young Warrior to learn more about how you can incorporate each program to better fit your needs!

The Young Warriors Quest

(best suited for youth ages 10-12)

Phase 1 Map

Transformation to Young Warrior

(best suited for youth ages 13-15)

Phase 2 Map

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