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Welcome to Ask Auntie, our girl-specific program. Girls aged 10-14 are invited to go on a wellness journey, where they will learn about a holistic, Indigenous understanding of health and their bodies, connection and relationships, culture and the history of colonization, and what it means to be a strong Indigenous girl. Once groups complete their journey they are invited to hold a rite of passage ceremony or other celebration to honour the girls, their journey, and their accomplishments.


Ask Auntie is an online and community-based wellness program for girls. While rooted in the Cuystwi program and the vision shared with them by First Nation communities in northern British, we continue to evolve through ongoing conversations with youth from around BC and their communities. The idea is that by promoting community connection and cultural grounding while providing youth with information and support participants will have a strong foundation to support them on their journey to becoming strong young women. The Ask 

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Auntie journey is grounded in themes of identity, culture and connection, relationships and safety, body knowledge and body transitions, and wellness and healing. The online component is meant to introduce topics and support community facilitators (youth workers, health workers, cultural workers, educators, etc.) initiate these conversations within existing community programming.

Target Group:

The online journey is designed for Indigenous girls ages 10-14. Local, community-based facilitators will incorporate the online material into existing community programming.

Traditional Learning Style:

Ask Auntie 4Ask Auntie replicates the traditional learning relationship between youth and their Aunties and Elders. Amazing women from around British Columbia and Canada share their wisdom and experience with youth through online video clips and interactive activities.


We actively work with communities to identify and maintain safe spaces to run girls groups. An additional focus is also placed on training facilitators in maintaining safety within groups and working to identify additional safe places and people in the community girls can turn to if they need help or information.


  • Being Us – Grounding the program from a holistic, Indigenous perspective. We focus on culture, ceremony, and strength, but also introduce the topic of colonization.
  • Being Well – What does wellness mean? This section explores the different aspects of wellness (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, as well as sexual and relational or community aspects) and what wellness can look like for Indigenous youth.
  • Being Connected – Looking at the concepts of relationships and safety. We introduce concepts such as boundaries, consent, violence and bullying…but also focus on getting help, healing and rebuilding.
  • Being Strong – Celebrating girls, their culture, and their journey through Ask Auntie and into womanhood. This module is about empowering girls and their communities to take steps to address their wellness and safety. We invite each group to celebrate the girls in their own way: through a rite of passage ceremony, a feast, or just a plain old party!

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 For each module, we invite groups to produce their own content (videos, poems, pictures) to be shared online with youth from around the province.

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If you would like to run Ask Auntie in your community, please contact us at the email below and we would be happy to help you get going! 


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