Filmmaking Workshops

Are there youth in your community or school group interested in filmmaking? If so, we are your one stop shop for getting started!


What we do..

Our Youth Wellness Team here will come to you! That's right, we will come to your space (BC only)! Accompanied by experienced Indigenous Filmmakers, our team will bring all the necessary equipment and tools needed to get started.

We will introduce youth to themes of representation, stereotypes and best practices including discussions on why we as Indigenous peoples need to take the reigns on telling our own stories.

Depending on time length, we will then move into a storyboard session or are able to provide pre-written scripts.

Next, it’s time for some hands on work! With a quick workshop on how to use the equipment (including cameras, sound recorders, mic, lighting etc.) youth will have the opportunity to create a video of their choosing and operate all required equipment, under the guidance of our team of course!

In closing, we will provide any participants interested with all the raw footage taking during the workshop but we will also provide your group with an edited version.

That sounds awesome! How do I bring ya'll here?

Just email to connect with our team! 


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